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Tree services

We have over many years of experience providing safe, professional tree services for your home.

Schedule an expert consultation for your trees today with us, we have the best setting and material for do the job. we are helping homeowners and businesses maintain beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs.

Tree Cutting

A dead tree might not “look” like a danger to your property. A certified arborist can help you decide if it’s time to remove your tree or if there’s a chance your prized plant can be saved.

Removing a tree on your own can be very dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder with cumbersome tools to remove bulky branches.


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Tree removal

An old tree stump might not cause problems at first, but the longer you keep it, the more it can become a nuisance.

Over time, a rotting stump becomes a home for damaging pests like termites or carpenter ants.

Stump removal is more intrusive and involves heaving up the bulk of the tree which takes a lot of time and powerful tools. Upside, you are left with a clean slate for new ideas you may have for your landscape.

Stump grinding is more efficient and less intensive, but it leaves the tree’s roots behind, At Best Choice Tree Services LLC you will find high standard in Tree and Stump Removal services.


You may think of tree pruning as something done to make a tree look better.


While improved appearance is certainly among the upsides, pruning is fundamentally a tree health practice. And it’s an important one.

Here are some of the many benefits professional pruning services provide to your trees and landscape:
• Reducing Risk to People, Pets, and Property
• Correcting Problems in Young Trees
• Achieving Clearance Requirements
• Restoration Pruning
• Avoiding and Treating Disease

Tree Topping

If you’ve ever driven through your neighborhood and seen trees lopped in half, then you’ve witnessed tree topping. Maybe it’s something you’ve even had completed on your own property.

Tree topping means coming in and cutting the top off of the tree—sometimes as much as half of it all at once. This service has also been called “heading” or “tipping” a tree.

Tree topping is usually implemented when homeowners feel their tree has become too large for their property. Homeowners commonly think this might reduce their risk of the tree falling or becoming a hazard.

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Mulching is often an overlooked component to lawn and garden care and maintenance. Many homeowners hold the misconception that mulching is merely for visual purposes, but the process offers many more benefits than that. Mulch serves as a barrier to many destructive and harmful elements. Mulching around your garden and lawn plants protects them from insects and from moles and other creatures that enjoy making lumps and tunnels throughout your landscaping.


Along with protecting your plants and soil from harmful organisms, mulch also helps control weeds, maintain soil nutrients, prevent soil erosion and foster soil water retention.

Mulch also encourages earthworms to move in and while many pests can hurt your garden, earthworms work harmoniously by improving soil structure and nutrient cyclin.


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Tree Planting

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